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Anupama: A Hindi Series Worth Watching on Star Plus

Anupama: A Hindi Series Worth Watching on Star Plus

Sep 12, 2023



If you love to watch serials or movies on the weekends to get rid of your daily routine life, then here is a suggested serial for you to watch in your leisure time. And that show is Anupama a Hindi language series that starts on the 13th of July on India’s most popular platform Star Plus.

You must be aware of this channel because our childhood passed by watching amazing shows only on Star Plus. So, let’s start to know about the cast of Anupama and the story that makes it more interesting and worth watching.

What makes the Anupama series more interesting?

People love that kind of series that around curious and interesting for the audience and makes them crazy to watch the next episodes. Anupama series is full of curiosity and interesting events that don’t let their audience feel boredom.

Indian television industry always shocks the audience with its amazing shows and series and Anu is one of the most popular and excellent series to watch. Do you want to know about the story of this series? Then keep reading.

The Anupama series became successful and famous because of its immensely interesting story, plot, and episodes full of curiosity. The unique story makes this series worth watching and it is praised by a lot of people.

The audience loves this series and is always eager to watch what will be happening in the next upcoming series of episodes. Anu is directed by Romesh Kalra and produced by Rajan Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions.

If you love to watch Bengali Television shows and series, then you might get the idea that Anup is an official remake of that show. This amazing series started on the 13th of July on Star Plus at 10:00 p.m. Moreover, you can access all the episodes of Anupama on the PTT platform Disney+ Hotstar.

Story of Anupama:

Story Of Anupama

Anupma Serial Story Roopali Ganguli, aka Anupama, is the actress who is playing the leading role in this series. Anu is a kind-hearted, innocent, and caring mother. Although she is an illiterate woman she has morals, high family values, and is a great chef.

She made different types of food that make anybody crazy to eat more. But, her kindness never be awarded by her husband, Vanraj, and kids, Paritosh and Pakhi. However, in her disturbing life, her Younger son respects and loves her.

He is the only one who understands her mother and encourages her to live her life for her family. But Vanraj always dislikes and hurts his wife. He thought that she was not the perfect match for himself. She is nothing more than a burden for him whom he has to bear in his home.

Vanraj is modern but a guy whom we can call sugar daddy. Because he has extramarital affairs with his colleague, Kavya. One day she finds him with Kavya but she is compelled by the situation and doesn’t ask anything. She decided to live in the same house for the sake of her children. But she continues to materialize her dreams of becoming the best cook and a cooking teacher.

Is Mohsin Khan going to join the cast of Anupama:

Mohsin Going to Cast Anupama

According to some reports, Mohsin Khan who is the crush of thousands of girls in India is going to join the popular series of Anu. He will appear against the Nidhi Shah. However, the official announcement is not received yet but it will be great news for the fans of Mohsin Khan because he will make this series excellent and wonderful. So, that’s why people are excited to watch the Anupama series featuring Mohsin Khan.

Cast of Anupamaa:

The Cast of Anu played a vital role in hitting the series. Let’s see who are those people that become the reason for the Anupama series’ success.

Character Role
Anupama Main protagonist
Vanraj Shah Anu’s husband
Pakhi aka Sweety Anu’s daughter
Samar Anu’s son
Paritosh aka Toshu Anu’s son
Kavya Vanraj’s colleague
Hasmukh Shah Vanraj’s father
Leela Shah Vanraj’s mother
Kinjal Shah Paritosh’s girlfriend
Devika Anu’s friend
Bhavesh Anu’s friend
Kavya Gandhi Kinjal’s mother
School Principal School authority
Alpaa Anupama’s friend
Varsha (Dolly) Anu’s friend
Sanjay Patel Anu’s colleague
Mrs. Parul Sharma Anu’s friend
Jignesh Anu’s friend
Kinjal Dave Anu’s friend
Nandini Iyer Samar’s friend

FAQ related Anupama series:

What is the storyline of the series Anupama?

Anupama revolves around the life of the main protagonist, Anu (played by Roopali Ganguli), a kind-hearted and caring mother who faces challenges in her family life. Despite being illiterate, she holds high family values and is a talented chef.

What makes the Anupama series stand out and interesting for viewers?

The series is filled with curiosity and captivating events that keep the audience engaged and eager to watch the next episodes. Its unique and touching storyline has earned it success and fame among viewers.

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