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Kritika Malik: Social Media Sensation

Kritika Malik: Social Media Sensation

Sep 15, 2023

Kritika Malik: In this modern and trending era some people got immense success and fame just by using social media platforms. There are a lot of apps through which you can share your talent and skills Some of them become famous as excellent social media influencers. Kritika Malik is one of them.

So, if you want to know about Kritika Malik who is a famous and renowned social media personality through her Tik Tok videos. Then you have it on the right page. In today’s article, we are going to talk about Kritika Malik’s age, bio, education career, and many other important and interesting things that you should know.

So, let’s start to know. She gained much popularity and publicity just because of her social media platforms. Different apps and stuff on the Internet Give a way to show your hidden talents at your own home and comfort place.

And some people become masters of making excellent videos that go viral on the internet and they become successful. So let’s know who is Kritika Malik and how she became a superstar on social media platforms.

Kritika Malik Biography:

Name Kritika Malik
Real Name Mrs. Armaan Kritika Malik
Nickname Kritika
Profession Social Media Influencer, Content Creator
Famous Name Kritika 
Date of Birth 20 March 1994
Age (As of May 2021) 27 Years
Birth Place New Delhi, India
Hometown Hyderabad, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Zodiac Sign Not Known
School Kamal Public Senior Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi
Food Habit Vegetarian
Debut TikTok/Instagram Fitness Model
College Not Known
Famous For Fitness Tips

Kritika Malik Biography

Kritika was born on 20 March 1994. Kritika Malik’s age is 28 years her real name is Kritika Basra. She completed her Schooling at Kamal Public Senior Secondary School and later enrolled herself in higher studies. Kritika is now considered the most recognized and well-known social media personality.

She started her career as a model but later she became a successful and well-known social media influencer. Kritika Malik’s husband: Kritika chooses Armaan Malik as her life partner. They both have a strong connection and bond with each other.

After one year of marriage, they were blessed with a son named Chirayu Malik. But one thing that will amaze you is that Armaan Malik has two wives because he has had two marriages. Kritika met with Armaan Malik a few years ago.

They both fell in love with each other and decided to get married. They got married on 13 October 2018 and started their lives together.

Kritika Malik Career:

Kritika Malik Career

As we talked about above some people got immense success and fame because of using social media platforms. Social Media is a great platform to show talents and skills. This is the age of technology and no one can deny the importance and fame of social media platforms.

If we talk about Kritika Malik’s Career, then she started her journey by sharing her photos and videos on her Instagram account.

Her videos got Viral and became a reason for her success and publicity. She is a young artist and social media star who belongs to Delhi.

She has become an Instagram star who got fame because of her viral photos and videos on her account.

Kritika Malik Instagram:

As you know most people who are famous and renowned use Instagram accounts. Millions of people follow them and watch their videos and pictures. Kritika is one of the most recognized and well-known social media influencers.

She got immense success and publicity because of her sharing pictures and videos on her Instagram account with interesting captions. She got media limelight and spotlights by sharing her reels on her Instagram account. Millions of people love to watch her videos on her Instagram account and follow her for more content.

 Kritika Malik delivery:

Celebrity kids also gained media limelight and highlights. They are recognized and known as being the kids of the most renowned personalities. The same is the case with Kritika Malik’s children. Kritika Malik’s delivery news got Viral on the internet.

People watch the videos and pictures shared by Armaan Malik and Kritika and congratulate them for having a son. Kritika shared about her delivery and she posted that a baby boy had been born. They named him Zaid Malik.


 What is Kritika Malik’s age and background?

Kritika was born on March 20, 1994, making her 28 years old. Her real name is Kritika Basra. She completed her schooling at Kamal Public Senior Secondary School and later pursued higher studies. Kritika started as a model but gained immense popularity as a social media influencer.

Who is Kritika Malik’s husband, and what is their family background?

Kritika is married to Armaan Malik, and they have a son named Chirayu Malik. Armaan Malik has been married twice, and Kritika is his second wife. They got married on October 13, 2018.

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