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Lillie Carlson Age, Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Lillie Carlson Age, Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Dec 5, 2023

Lillie Carlson: Daughter of Famous yet Controversial Tucker Carlson

Lillie Carlson is not as famous as her father Tucker Carlson but her life is also a subject of interest due to her affiliation with the famous American Commentator and writer. Born on November 22, 1994, in the United States, Lillie Carlson age in 2024 is 30 years and she is the eldest daughter of the renowned American television host Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Andrews.

Her father is widely known for hosting the nightly political chat show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News since 2016. 

Let’s delve into the life of this intriguing personality, exploring her background, education, net worth, relationship status, and family dynamics.

Biographical Information and Education

Lillie Carlson Biographical Information
Lillie Carlson Biographical Information

Lillie’s roots run deep in American political and media circles. Her paternal grandparents, Lisa McNear and Richard Warner Carlson, boast impressive credentials. Richard, in particular, serves as the United States ambassador to Seychelles, the Voice of America’s director, and the president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

On her maternal side, Rev George E. Andrews adds another layer of distinction to her family tree.

Amidst these influential connections, Lillie pursued her education at the University of Virginia, graduating with a degree that reflects both her dedication and intelligence.

Birthdate November 22, 1994
Paternal Grandparents Lisa McNear, Richard Warner Carlson
Maternal Grandfather Rev George E. Andrews
Education University of Virginia graduate

Relationship Status and Personal Choices

Lillie Carlson Relationship Status
Lillie Carlson Relationship Status

At 25 years old, Lillie Carlson remains steadfastly private about her personal life. Unmarried and not romantically linked to anyone publicly, she diverges from the celebrity norm by keeping her relationships under wraps.

Her father, known for his candid opinions, has expressed a rather traditional stance on his daughters’ dating lives. Tucker Carlson staunchly opposes the idea of his daughters dating men who identify as feminists, asserting that they are unsuitable suitors.

Lillie focused on her education and career, embraces a lifestyle that eschews the limelight of romantic entanglements. Her commitment to family and personal growth takes precedence over societal expectations.

Lillie Carlson age 25 years old
Marital Status Not married
Father’s Views on Dating Opposes daughters dating men who identify as feminists

Lillie Carlson’s Siblings and Family Dynamics

Lillie Carlson Family
Lillie Carlson Family

As the elder sister to two sisters, Hopie and Dorothy, and a younger brother named Buckley, Lillie plays a pivotal role in the Carlson family dynamics. The Lillie Carlson age range among the siblings spans several years, reflecting the diverse stages of life they find themselves in.

Buckley, born in 1997, is currently a sophomore at St. George High School, while Hopie, born in 1999, navigates the challenges of tenth grade at St. George’s School. Dorothy, the youngest of the siblings, is a seventh-grader at the same school.

Together, they form a tight-knit family unit that values each other’s company.

Siblings Buckley, Hopie, Dorothy
Buckley’s Birth Year 1997
Hopie’s Birth Year 1999
Dorothy’s School Level Seventh-grader

Beautiful Mansions and Real Estate Ventures

Beyond their achievements, the Carlson family’s real estate ventures also make headlines. Having sold their D.C. home in 2011 for $4 million, which featured a heated pool and six fireplaces, the couple then purchased a seven-bedroom mansion for $2 million nearby.

Subsequent property transactions followed, including the acquisition of a $3.895 million property in 2017 and a $2.9 million property on Gasparilla Island in Florida in early 2020.

These transactions not only highlight the family’s penchant for luxurious living but also their strategic investment choices in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

D.C. Home Sale (2011) $4 million
Purchase of Seven-Bedroom Mansion (2011) $2 million
Second Property Purchase (2017) $3.895 million
Gasparilla Island Property Purchase (2020) $2.9 million

Lillie Carlson Net Worth and Financial Landscape

As the daughter of celebrity parents, Lillie Carlson inevitably enjoys the perks of her family’s wealth. Her father, Tucker Carlson, commands a substantial net worth of $30 million, stemming from his roles as a political analyst, author, and television personality.

Beyond his Fox News paycheck of $6 million, Tucker’s earnings include a $10 million publishing contract for his book “Ship of Fools.”

While Lillie’s net worth isn’t explicitly disclosed, being the offspring of such prosperity undoubtedly positions her comfortably within the upper class of society. Her family’s financial success is further underscored by statistics revealing that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” amassed over $190 million in advertising revenue in 2018.

Tucker Carlson’s Net Worth $30 million
Tucker’s Fox News Paycheck $6 million per year
Book Publishing Contract $10 million
“Tucker Carlson Tonight” Ad Revenue (2018) $190 million

5 interesting points related to the Lillie Carlson

  1. Educational Excellence: Lillie Carlson, a University of Virginia graduate, combines intellect with her prestigious family background.
  2. Financial Privilege: As the daughter of Tucker Carlson, Lillie enjoys the perks of her family’s substantial wealth.
  3. Relationship Privacy: Lillie, at 25, maintains a discreet personal life, shying away from the public scrutiny of relationships.
  4. Sibling Bonds: Lillie is the eldest among three siblings, fostering close-knit relationships with brother Buckley and sisters Hopie and Dorothy.
  5. Real Estate Ventures: The Carlson family’s property transactions reveal a taste for opulent living and strategic real estate investments.


From her influential lineage to her discreet personal choices, Lillie navigates the complexities of being the daughter of a famous yet controversial figure with grace and poise. As she continues to chart her course in a world filled with both scrutiny and adulation, Lillie Carlson remains a figure worth watching, a unique blend of individuality and familial ties in the spotlight.


  1. Is Lillie Carlson active on social media? 

Lillie Carlson maintains a private profile, staying away from the public eye on social media platforms.

  1. What is Lillie Carlson’s educational background?

Lillie is a University of Virginia graduate, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence.

  1. What are Tucker Carlson’s views on his daughter dating?

Tucker opposes his daughters dating men who identify as feminists, stating it’s a personal choice rooted in his values.

  1. How does Lillie Carlson contribute to the family’s wealth?

While Lillie’s specific financial activities aren’t disclosed, she benefits from her father Tucker Carlson’s multifaceted career in media and publishing.

  1. Are there any public appearances or interviews featuring Lillie Carlson?

Lillie avoids public appearances and interviews, preferring a low-key lifestyle away from media attention.

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