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Kyedae Shymko

Kyedae Shymko

Aug 15, 2023

Who is Kyedae Shymko – a beautiful Valorant Streamer biography

Kyedae Shymko is a Canadian gaming YouTuber, social media influencer, TiK Toker, and Live streamer. She made his career a well-known personality on social media platforms. She is among the famous social celebrity having 385k subscribers and over 18 million total views on his social media accounts.  She launched her first stream in September 2019 and now has 292 k fan-following. 

Kyedae Shymko Real name:

Kyedae Shymko real name is Kyedae Alicia Shymko. She is known as Japanese- Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator of 100 Thieves.  Kyedae age is 21 years old. She was born in Lantzville, Canada, and lives in Los Angeles. Kyedae Shymko celebrates her birthday on the 1st of December. 

Kyedae Shymko

Kyedae Biography

Real name Kyedae Shymko
Nickname Kyedae
Date of birth 1st December 2001
Kyedae Shymko Age 21 years old
Birthplace Canada
Birth sign Sagittarius
Nationality Canadian
Marital status Unmarried
Boyfriend TenZ
Sister Sakura
Youtube debut 2020
Award Silver play button


Kyedae Shymko was born on 1 December 2001, Kyedae age is about 20 years as of 2022.  She was raised in a well-settled family from Lantzville, Canada. She is a Canadian by nationality and her religion is Christian. Kyedae Shymko completed her early Education at a local High School in Canada. Then she enrolled in the University of Britain and completed her higher education. Kyedae Shymko was always interested in social media and wanted to become a famous and well-known social media influencer

The physical appearance of Kyedae Shymko: 

Kyedae Shymko was born in Lantzville, Canada, and lives in Los Angles.  She has millions of followers on her social media accounts. Talking about her physical appearance, she is a hot, beautiful, Gorgeous girl with such a charming and attractive personality. Her appearance is also a reason for her so much popularity and fame.

Kyedae Shymko’s long and shiny hair is extremely beautiful having a brown color. Moreover, her blue eyes also made her so much more beautiful.  Kyedae Shymko height is 5 foot 6 inches and has a slim body figure that looks attractive and wonderful. 

Kyedae Shymko has Japanese ethnicity and belongs to Canada and Ukraine. She was born into a rich and elite-class family in Canada. Kyedae Shymko holds Canadian citizenship and her religion is Christian. Kyedae Shymko completed her early Eduardo from a local high school in Lantzville, Canada. Later on, she completed her higher education at the University of Britain. 

The Career Journey of Kyedae Shymko: 

Kyedae Shymko started her career as a streamer in 2020. She signed with the most recognized and famous e-sports group 100 Thieves in 2021. She was their first creator from the outside of United States.  This step made her career more brighten and leads her toward new heights of fame and publicity. 

Kyedae Shymko also often uploads her vlogs with her boyfriend Tenz who is also a fellow e-sports player. She met her boyfriend in High School and is now engaged to him.  They both live together in Los Angeles and Kyedae Shymko often shares her photos and vlogs with her birthday and talked about her relationship in her streams.  

Kyedae Shymko has become a successful social media influencer having 555k fan-following and a total of 13 million likes on her Tik Tok content. She often posts her pictures and videos on her Instagram account her Instagram account has 330 k fan-following. 

Kyedae Shymko

Kyedae Height: 

Kyedae’s height is 5’9 feet.  She is a famous YouTuber, social media influencer, and streamer. 

Kyedae Twitter: 

Recently Kyedae Shymko who is also called Valorant Superstar talked about her cancer diagnosis in her recent Twitter streamer. She admitted that she kept it secret from her boyfriend TenZ so, he could focus on VCT LOCK//IN. 

Kyedae Shymko is considered the most recognized and well-known social media celebrity because of her huge fan following. She is one of the most successful and followed streamers on social media platforms. 


What is Kyedae Shymko known for?

Kyedae Shymko is known as a Canadian gaming YouTuber, social media influencer, and live streamer.

How many subscribers does Kyedae Shymko have on YouTube?

Kyedae Shymko has 385k subscribers on YouTube.

What is Kyedae Shymko’s real name?

Kyedae Shymko’s real name is Kyedae Alicia Shymko.

How old is Kyedae Shymko?

Kyedae Shymko is currently 21 years old, born on December 1, 2001.

Does Kyedae Shymko have a boyfriend?

Yes, Kyedae Shymko is in a relationship with a fellow esports player named TenZ.

Some additional facts about Kyedae Shymko:
  • Kyedae Shymko’s social media presence extends beyond YouTube. She has also gained popularity on TikTok, where she has amassed 555k followers and received a total of 13 million likes on her content.
  • In addition to her gaming and streaming activities, Kyedae Shymko is associated with the e-sports organization 100 Thieves. She became their first creator from outside of the United States.

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